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About Us

About Us

Modern Matters is the online magazine component to the GOMOD website. We hope to provide articles that will be of interest to those interested in Modern Design objects, culture and style. Our intention is to serve as a source for information that is presented in an entertaining, as well as informative, manner. We hope that the casual observer, beginning collector as well as the more advanced collector will find something of value within our site.

GOMOD is a portal to Modern Design. First launched in 1998, GOMOD was one of only a handful of sites at that time devoted to the subject. Founded in part on the premise that information about modern design was difficult to find on the Web, we hoped to "bring modern design home" as our tagline conveys. It began as a part-time project, which over the past few years, has exploded to what currently has become a full-time job for myself and a part-time job to a handful of trusted consultants that work with me in different phases of site planning, sales, programming and design. As a member of the Object Culture Network, an emerging group of specialized collector sites, we hope to expand our offerings and services that we provide our many site visitors.


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